By Deacon Tom Gryzbek

St. Andrew the Apostle

(Reflection for week of March 7, 2021)


   The noun "rumination" means "a deeply considered thought about something."

   It has been nice to see the weather improving the last week or two. We can finally see our roofs, full streets, curbs and grass.

   The snow has melted away for the most part, and what we see can be invigorating after a long February of brutal cold and frequent snow.

   I don't know about you, but it puts a smile on my face and lightens my step. Recently, I started thinking about those words, "melt away" - how we like those words and what they mean at times, such as:

   - I am happy to report the pounds have "melted" away since I started

exercising more (not true in my case, but I hope it will be some day).

   - My heart "melted" when I met the woman I married (still does).

   - I like Fannie May Mint Meltaways candy.

   - The snow "melted" and spring is around the corner (we hope).

   When things melt away, we often find an interior essence and goodness that is better than whatever weighed us down. 

   Isn't that true of sin, too? When we melt away our sins in the confessional and by the recitation of the Act of Contrition, we find the beauty that was always present, but became burdened by what should not have been present.

   We become lighter. We find joy. We come closer to God.

   Like the melting of snow, what is underneath through God's graces starts to grow again. We become better people.

   Let's melt those obstacles away this Lent and find the joy of a closer relationship with our loving God.

   Deacon Tom

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