By Deacon Tom Gryzbek

St. Andrew the Apostle

(Reflection for week of June 26)


  The noun "rumination" means "a deeply considered thought about something."

   Last week, my wife, daughter, another couple, and I were away fishing on Chippewa Flowage body of water near Hayward, Wisconsin.

   We had a wonderful week enjoying each other's company and marveling at the beauty of God's creation in the rustic north.

   After six days though, we each began to miss being at home and seeing familiar surroundings - family, pets, those kind of things.

   We were thankful for being away, yet grateful upon returning home.

   What makes home so special? I believe it's being in our comfortable, known surroundings and being back with other family members and friends. I also believe that there is something nurturing about returning to one's normal routine. Home helps us to be productive. Home grounds us in normal realities.

   Isn't that like our faith?


   Isn't it in being at home with the Lord that the only true reality, which brings lasting comfort and growth, exists? Isn't it by resting in God's presence that we find peace and receive the graces needed to survive life's challenges?

   After being away, we come to realize how blessed we are when at home.

   May we see that same blessing in being home in the Lord.

   Deacon Tom