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By Debbie Bosak

"Teacher, do you not care that   we are perishing?"

( Mark 4:35-41)

    We've had our share of storms lately, haven't we? Oh, I don't mean the thunder and lightening kind, although we could sure use some rain. I mean all the storms that surround us in life. Mass shootings, gun violence in our streets, and oh, did I mention we're just coming off a pandemic that has wrecked all manner of havoc. 

   Even when I was a child, I liked storms (the kind that are loud and blowy, but don't cause great damage or harm  to anyone, of course). Early on, I think my mom told me that it was God talking. As I grew older, I still hung on to that notion. Storms can be scary, exciting, but eventually they go on their way. I still like to hear God talking in those storms. 

   We all have storms in our lives to some degree - from great to small. The disciples knew all about storms and the damage they could cause (read this weekend's Gospel from Mark 4:35-41). "A violent squall came up and waves were breaking over the boat, so that it was already filling up. They were in a panic. They forgot who they had on that ship with them. Jesus was sleeping, unconcerned about the storm that raged on, in the back of the boat. 

   They woke him up - "Do you not care that we are perishing>"

   Jesus then silenced the wind and told the sea to be still. Great calm followed. He asked his disciples, " Why are you terrified?"

   Father John Kavanaugh, SJ, in a reflection on this passage wrote, " Our faith is not a guarantee that we will not go under. But it is a promise that, even if we nearly drown, Jesus will be with us."

   In the midst of the storms of our lives, it's only human to feel a panic that can test our faith. But, we also need to remember who's in our boat with us - our Jesus. 

   "Why are you lacking in faith?" Remember, no matter how strongly our faith is tested. We are never alone and the experience can be transformative, if only we trust.