By Debbie Bosak

Food for Lenten Reflection This Week

    My muses seemed to have taken a few days off this week, because I've struggled for awhile now to find something, anything that inspired me to write my reflection. Then I stumbled upon this tidbit and thought it might be a good thing for all of us to reflect upon this third week in Lent.

   Let me first tell you about why this caught my eye. Years ago and many times ago, I heard this humorous story. A long-married couple were in the car. The husband, as was his habit, drove with his left hand on top of the wheel. The woman sitting next to him, hugged the door, purse in lap. Sitting in their comfortable silence, the wife suddenly let out a deep sigh. "Remember back when we were first dating," she asked. "We couldn't sit close enough in the car. I miss those days."

   Chuckling, he softly replied, "I haven't moved."

   That's why this quote caught my eye. How simple, I thought, and what a good thing to meditate on in prayer this week. I share it with you now as follows . . . 

"If you are feeling God is too far away, maybe it was you who moved!"

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