Father Meade's Homily Notes

Weekend of March 29

 Fifth Sunday of Lent

   PLEASE NOTE!!! You can find me live streaming Mass at 10:30 on Sunday by going to the Knights of Columbus #4047 Facebook page and click on "like." We also can pray together with this model on the Mass:

   1) Make the Sign of the Cross, and we will recall our sins of the past week, ending with an Act of Contrition.

   2) Make your intention for this Mass, something for which you really want to pray, knowing that God is listening particularly to you.

   3) Read the following Scripture passages a) Ezekiel 37:12-14; b) Psalm

130; c) Romans 8:8-11 and d) John 11:1-45.

   4) If you really want a penance, read my homily posted below.

   5) Make some intercessions for our Church, our nation, an end to sickness and the coronavirus, a prayer for all the people who have lost their jobs and businesses, and pray for the faithful departed, especially people dear to you.

   6) Perfect your prayer with the Our Father.

   7) Ask Jesus to spiritually commune with you as we all look forward to the day when we can sacramentally commune with the Lord and each other.

   8) Thank God for this time of prayer with him and all of our parishes and the entire Church.

When You Haven't Got a Prayer

   Every one of us in our parishes knows for what we would like to pray today. We want the pandemic to end. We want other things, too. All of us can articulate a prayer to God. When you think of it, most of our prayers really are aimed at getting the life to which we have become accustomed back.

   Martha and Mary, however, are facing a different dilemma; with the death of their brother, they cannot get their recent life back. Martha goes to find Jesus. I suspect this scene takes place at the Garden of Gethsemane. Martha does not know for what to ask. She says that her brother would have lived if Jesus had only been there. 

   I think that two letter "if" is one of the largest words in the English language. We do that all the time, saying  if only this or that had not occurred. If only I had done something different, and all sorts of other "if" statements. We hate to feel helpless; therefore, I surmise we would rather feel responsible, or better yet, make someone else responsible. 

   To assign responsibility gives a feeling of control. And, Martha and Mary cannot be content with a false sense of control because their brother's death forever changes the life that once they led.

   We will have occasions like this in our life. They make all of our other conclusions about the way things are supposed to be so non-consequential, maybe vapid, and certainly wrong. When you cannot ever articulate what your new normal might be, then you have not got a prayer.

   Martha teaches us how to pray. "Even now, Lord, I know your Father will give you whatever you ask of him." Martha is beyond the end of her tether, the cable binding her heart and mind, her perception of reality is broken. Though she has not got a prayer, she wants to pray for what Jesus would pray for in her situation.

   She hears from Jesus that Martha can now find the way for her life leading to her destiny in Jesus. Her truth has become Jesus' answers to questions about what really matters.

   Her life, like that of her brother and every person, will be made alive and forever in Jesus. 

   Now we see how the promise of Jesus in the Beatitudes about the mourners being blessed comes to proof. The comfort begins with the submission to Jesus in everything, as he is our real life, past all the blessings which help us through our human existence.

   All temporary things must fail to satisfy an eternal soul, and we risk that the life-giving Jesus will be the sure way, the complete truth, and the eternal life for us.

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