Deacon's Corner 

By Deacon Malcolm Lunsford

Reflection for the week of September 6, 2020

   God appointed Ezekiel as a watchman for the house of Israel, and in a like manner, God has appointed parents to watch over their own families.   

   The parental assignment as watchman is to hear from God and encourage children, warn them about sin, and help them to live in a way that pleases the Lord.

   The word "watchman" literally means to guard and protect, like street crossing guards do for school children. God has entrusted parents with their children's physical and eternal welfare. What a duty to live up to!

   Parents should realize they cannot control every aspect of 

their children's lives. There are limits to their influence, especially as their children mature and strike out on their own. But, they can provide the way they model their own lives as an example to live by.

   On top of that, there is no limit to the power of prayer! How powerful are the prayers of a watchman? Just ask Jesus.

   On the night before he died, he prayed for the strength to endure the cross. He prayed for the protection of his apostles. He prayed for all of us. Two thousand years later, his prayers are still being answered.

   So we need to imitate Jesus, the Great Watchman of his Church. Commit your family to the care of your heavenly Father.

   God will never let you down.

   Think about it . . . 

   Deacon Mal


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